We are an outsourced, cost-effective finance services company that provides highly tailored solutions for our clients. We provide a suite of services that covers substantially all of the functions any company expects from its internal finance team at a fraction of the cost of retaining full-time inhouse staff. The structures, teams and processes we construct and perform on behalf of our clients are done in a high quality and timely fashion – geared towards streamlining internal finance processes and providing key information to management that is critical to making its operational decisions.


On behalf of our clients, we handle substantially all of the tasks ordinarily performed by a company’s inhouse full-time finance team, including:


    • Vendor Payments

    We deal directly with and coordinate the payments to vendors on behalf of our clients. I this day and age there are many methods by which vendors are paid and we take that hassle away from our clients. We prepare consistent and recurring aging schedules, plug into the payment approval processes as directed by our clients and generally manage this function in the way that makes this process as painless as possible. For certain clients, we provide access to our trust account whereby clients can make one payment to that account and whereby we pay vendors directly from that account.

    • Payroll

    We plug into and process payroll for our clients to their employees. We make sure that all salaries and hourly rates are up to date and withhold the appropriate amount of source deductions based on the jurisdiction of the client and their employees. This can be a time-consuming process for companies and we take that off of their plate and ensure that their employees are paid in a consistent, accurate and timely fashion.

    • Bank Account and Credit Card Reconciliations

    Each month, we reconcile our clients’ bank accounts and credit cards with charging, collections and payment activity. Where we can, we connect our clients’ bank accounts and credits cards with our Cloud Accounting Software directly to save time and ensure consistency and accuracy. As any company knows, this can be a lengthy ordeal and we aim to provide a streamlined and hassle-free process for this function.

    • Expense Reimbursement

    When companies have people in the field incurring reimbursable expenses (via their corporate credit cards, their personal credits cards or other methods of payment), this function can often be disjointed and time-consuming. We work with our clients to develop processes that limit the need for paper receipts and manual entry and the related time involved. Where applicable, we recommend the leading expense reimbursement Cloud Applications to alleviate the stress and pain points around this function so that management and employees maintain peace of mind.

    • Customer Collections

    Where applicable, we assist our clients in the collection of payments from their customers. With the influx of accounting technology there are a number of methods by which customers pay their invoices and we make sure that these payments are deposited in the bank and are tracked and accounted for in a consistent and accurate fashion.

    • Government Remittances

    We understand that dealing with government authorities around sales tax (HST/GST and other), VAT and other operational taxes (and the related remittances) can often be inefficient and frustrating. We ensure that we are aware of and meet or beat deadlines for these remittances, giving management ample time to review and submit these payments. We have Canadian clients as well as clients outside of the country so we can bring to bear that cross-border experience where required.

    • Working Papers and Financial Statements

    At the end of every month, quarter and/or year, we prepare consistent, timely and accurate financial statements (and related working paper files) for management. These internal financial statements can then be used for external purposes including financial audits, tax return filings, shareholder reports, stock exchange filings and any other uses as deemed necessary. When dealing with these outside parties, our accounting teams take the lead in supporting these functions or requests so that management is not compelled to get too far into the weeds.

    • Custom Reporting

    We also understand that most companies have reporting needs that go beyond the traditional financial statements. We work with our clients to understand their particular reporting needs (and we understand that these needs can evolve and change over time) so as to provide management with the information required to make key decisions.


    • Senior Finance Professionals

    Where applicable, we tap into our wide network of finance professionals to outsource controllers, VPs of Finance and CFOs. We understand that many small and medium sized businesses may benefit from senior finance professionals but may not need or want (or want to pay for) that function full-time given the particular stage of a company’s development.

    • Legal Services

    We are affiliated with Wildeboer Dellelce LLP and can bring a wide range of legal services to bear for clients as needed. Founded in 1993, Wildeboer Dellelce is one of Canada's premier corporate finance and business transactional law firms. With almost 60 professionals, the law firm offers private and public clients services in a range of areas including corporate finance and securities, mergers and acquisitions, tax, corporate governance, commercial real estate, debt products, structured finance and executive compensation. The firm works across all industries including financial services, real estate, technology, biotechnology, industrial and consumer goods and natural resources. The firm is also known for its work in emerging industries such as cannabis, esports and fintech.

    • Capital Raising & Advisory Services

    For clients interested in raising capital for their businesses (or other strategic transaction activity), we can provide referrals to another One of our affiliated companies, WD Capital Markets. Founded in 2009, WD Capital Markets is a boutique corporate finance and M&A advisory firm registered to do business in Ontario, BC, Alberta and Quebec. WD Capital Markets provides debt and equity financing services, M&A advisory and general financial advisory services in both the private and public Canadian capital markets.